Types of Activities on the Marine Base

1. Marine operations

1.1. Cargo transportation
1.2. Loading and unloading operations
1.3. Open storage of goods
1.4. Closed cargo warehousing
1.5. Weight platform
1.6. Repair works on ships
1.7. Transportation of special personnel to the offshore facilities of marine construction 1.8. Operations to ensure works on offshore construction sites

2. Construction works

2.1. Marine construction works
2.2. Onshore/offshore construction works
2.3. Dredging/Excavation works
2.4. Mechanical construction works

Year of Foundation 2011
Form of ownership 100% private Operational Average
The number of employees 150 people
The total area is 84.441,30 m2

The Marine Base includes:

1.Jetty and jetty area for cargo transshipment

1.1. Full wall length Jetty 389 meters
1.1.1.The guaranteed depth at the jetty 4.5 meters
1.2. Ramp for rolling equipment capacity 60,0 tons
1.3. Loading/reloading equipment :
1.3.1.Crane wheel load capacity 50,0 tons
1.3.2.Crane wheel load capacity 60,0 tons
1.3.3.Crawler crane lifting capacity 100,0 tons
1.3.4.Crawler crane lifting capacity 100,0 tons
1.3.5.Forklift with load capacity 4,0 tons
1.3.6.Forklift with load capacity 9.6 tons
1.3.7.Bucket loader 3.3 m3
1.3.8.Excavators Hitachi series 7 ea.
1.3.9.Platform for transportation of equipment 1 ea.
1.3.10.Platforms for transportation of long-size cargoes 2 ea.
Note: The number of employees and Equipment quantities is the subject to change according to Project
1.4. Technological area :
1.4.1.Warehouse storage / storage of bulk cargo 6770 m2
1.4.2.Area of warehousing/storage of general cargo 8361 m2
1.4.3.Parking lot for machinery 6615 m2
1.4.4.Repair Technical section 3761 m2
1.4.5.Section of storage tanks for receiving sewage from ships 200,0 m3
1.4.6.Weight station with a valid weighing up to 0.4-60.0 tons
1.5. Auxiliary buildings and structures:
1.5.1.Checkpoint (capital structure) 1 ea.
1.6. Non-capital structures of modular type:
1.6.1.Store for used marine goods 120 m2
1.6.2.Security tower (under the supervision of 7/24
by security camera systems)
1 ea.
1.6.3.Domestic containers for working shifts on sites

Marine base scheme

Jetty and Jetty area for Cargo/Equipment Transportation

2.Residential base

For general and technical information of the residential base refer to the technical passport.


3.Repair shops

For general and technical information of the repair shops area refer to the technical passport.